Elilo's Story

y parents were both orphaned when they were very young.  My mother was only one year old and Dad was two and a half years old.  They became like slaves because Christianity was not known and there was no respect for the orphans.  Later as Christianity came to my village, they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.  They became a very strong Christian couple and their lives became more progressive. Education was very important to my parents.  They did not have the opportunity for schooling and my mother cannot read or write.  My dad can read and write the first language.  Since we are tribal people we have over fifty different languages.  English is the fourth language for us.  There are eight of us children and we have worked very hard to achieve an education. Because of their strong commitment to the Lord, it has directly affected my life and shaped me spiritually and educationally.
I remember one night when I was in the second grade during a prayer meeting, I heard my Mom and Dad praying; "Lord, if it is your will, take one of our children as a living sacrifice and make him or her to be a missionary.
 In my heart, I felt in communion with God and tears began to run down my cheeks.  The Lord felt so close that I imagined Him holding my hands in His arms.  From that time I have always wanted to go to Bible College.  I made my decision to serve God because I knew that God would take care of my future.  I neeed to learn more to be equipped to be an ambassador for Christ.  Through God's grace, I was able to go to Berean Bilble College and  

Seminary in Bangalore, India.  I graduated with my Bachelor of Theology in March 2000.  After working in Thailand for a year, God brought me to Linclon Christian Seminary located in Lincoln, Illinois.  I graduated with my Masters degree in May of 2009.